Yellow kiwi or green kiwi, which one do you prefer?

Our organic kiwis: sweet, tasty and natural

Awareness is key in Kiwiny’s choice to produce and market only fresh and select products. Our organic kiwis are grown without synthetic chemicals, using natural fertilizers. Companion planting of trees and hedges enables pest control by offering a natural habitat to beneficial (predator) insects.

The adoption of organic farming and of natural production processes – respectful of fruit and of the environment – results in the total traceability of our fresh produce. In addition, the use of latest-generation technology with integrated ultravision cameras ensures the identification of any faults in the fruit’s shape or colour.

We have chosen to produce and market two types of kiwis, Hayward and Soreli Gold, having different sensorial characteristics yet sharing the virtues of a soft flesh and a rich, sweet flavour.

Green Kiwi
Hayward Kiwiny

This classic kiwi – with emerald-green flesh, small black seeds arranged in a radial pattern, and a thick brown skin covered in fine downy hair – represents 90% of Kiwiny’s production.

The Hayward is the best-known variety of kiwi. Key features of this tasty and nutritious oval fruit are a medium-late harvest, tender flesh and unmistakable flavour, characterised by the contrast of sweet and tart.

A panacea for the immune system, kiwis boost blood circulation and are an excellent source of folic acid: a veritable and delicious treasure trove of health and well-being.

Available almost year-round and low in calories, kiwis are the perfect snack for everyone, in every season: refreshing in summer, tasty and nutritious on a winter afternoon. Get your fill of vitality, energy and sweetness from kiwis.

Kiwiny Green-Kiwifruit

Yellow Kiwi
Soreli Gold Kiwiny

This early yellow-fleshed variety is the result of Kiwiny’s meticulous, ground-breaking research.

Created in 1997 by the University of Udine through a breeding programme and subsequent evaluations, the Soreli Gold kiwi has a pleasant appearance and a distinctive taste: brown skin, yellow flesh (hence the name “sun” in local dialect), sweet and aromatic taste, with a perfect balance of sugar and acidity.

Sweet and soft, and rich in vitamin C, folic acid, fibre, potassium, calcium and phosphorus, to top up your health and well-being tanks while gratifying your palate.

Soreli Gold kiwis are harvested much earlier than other varieties. For a delicious contrast of sun-blessed sweetness and tangy freshness, store in the refrigerator and consume chilled.

Kiwiny Gold-Kiwifruit

Quality Brand

The sticker is the hallmark of Kiwiny, encapsulating the evolution of the brand’s graphics, style and production.

Instantly recognizable, this sticker guarantees fresh fruit of quality, selected with care and attention, and contributes to the branding of fresh and processed Kiwiny products by ensuring their immediate identification.