Our organic and eco friendly choice

A history of awareness,
respect and love
of our land

In Giavera del Montello, in the north-eastern Treviso area, the Breitenberger brothers lead a Company whose business and entrepreneurial philosophy are solidly based on products of quality and on environmental sustainability.

Kiwiny is a young company inspired by a regional tradition of high-quality workmanship whose two deep-rooted fundamental principles – meticulous care and responsibility – govern the entire production cycle.

Our production and marketing of fresh and processed food are based on respect for our customers and commitment to their satisfaction. We believe that these principles, along with the high quality of our products, are indispensable for the Company’s success and credibility.

Organic, simple and young

Innovation, research, and a desire to explore new opportunities inspire the entrepreneurial spirit of Philipp and Manuel, the dynamic young brothers at the helm of Kiwiny. A curious, open-minded approach towards spheres and sectors other than those strictly related to the Company’s industry have resulted in the discovery of new openings and alternative markets.

As well as through digital marketing, Kiwiny’s branding is pursued through other channels, such as events and international trade fairs: participation in the Biennale in Venice, the International Film Festival in Cannes, the National Italo-German Forum, and in industry-specific trade fairs, such as Sana, NatExpo and Biofach, has boosted visibility and the public’s awareness of the Company.

Kiwiny was among the finalists of the prestigious Oscar Green award in the “Exporting the Territory” category.

Kiwi and innovation

Through ten hectares of organic farming – without synthetic chemicals and in compliance with organic certification standards – we produce two types of kiwis: Hayward and Soreli Gold.
Logics of transparency and respect for people and for the environment also govern the production of our processed line Kiwiny Smoothies.

The Company’s approach in the production of fresh and processed food productions is based, on the one hand, on natural and direct consumer relations and, on the other, on the most advanced technology.

Kiwiny’s care and attention to each production phase, its processing expertise, and the characteristics of the local soil, combine to give life to unique, instantly recognisable, high-quality products.


Protecting the environment and using natural recyclable materials are Kiwiny’s fundamental objectives.

In the interest of sustainable development, the Company has chosen to guarantee a controlled production chain, free of synthetic chemicals, and has installed a 100 kw photovoltaic system to make the most of solar power.

Treviso is a gem of Veneto region

Not everybody knows that Italy is among the top kiwi producers in the world, second only to China.

Not everyone knows that kiwi lives very well in Lazio, Piedmont, Emilia-Romagna, Veneto and Calabria.

Our coltivation in Treviso, in the northern plain of Veneto, is a good habitat for the kiwis: warm spring, not dry summer, an ideal composition of the soil and the microclimate, all due to its location under the Montello, a hilly relief.