The kiwi smoothie,
for real

Kiwiny Smoothie is the “kiwi to drink”

The kiwi is an important fruit for the diet of the whole year: it is rich in Vitamin C and fiber, potassium, folic acid and vitamin E, besides naturally containing magnesium, calcium, iron, vitamin A and the vitamins of the group B.

The nutritional properties of kiwifruit elevate it to a natural aid for those who sustain frenetic rhythms and need to recharge, for those who live moments of stress and need to regularize the intestine.

In short, it would take a kiwi a day to cover the need for vitamin C and benefit from all its properties. And when you don’t have fresh fruit available, there is Kiwiny Smoothie.

How we made our smoothies

Kiwiny Smoothie is the kiwi smoothie: BIO green kiwi juice and pulp that are blended and packaged in glass bottles, without adding water and without adding refined sugars. A smoothie made of only Italian organic fruit, deprived of kiwi seeds and designed in a convenient format for consumption outside home.

Kiwiny Smoothie comes in 3 flavors: kiwi smoothie, kiwi and apple smoothie, kiwi smoothie and pear.

Feeling Fresh

Fibers, vitamin C, folic acid, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and mineral salts take on the fresh and tasty taste of our smoothies, created to give the palate the pleasure of a soft and fresh drink that guarantees the benefits of kiwi.

Kiwiny smoothies are ideal for all times of the day. They can be used to recharge in the morning, at the end of sports or to help regulate the bowel. It doesn’t matter when you choose to drink it: with Kiwiny Smoothie you can fill up on vitamin C in the simplest way.

Kiwi to eat or kiwi to drink?

Enjoy the fresh taste of kiwi. Here new ways to taste kiwi!