Yellow Jam

Yellow Jam

Top-quality fruit jam
No added sugars
Organic product

Nutritional values

100 ml
Energy value 535.49 kJ - 127.9 kcal
Fats 0 g
of which: saturated fatty acids 0 g
Carbohydrates 29 g
of which: sugars 29 g
Fibre 4.30 g
Protein 0.82 g
Salt 0.033 g


47% organic kiwi puree, 28% pear puree, 24% organic grape juice concentrate; gelling agent: 1% pectin

200 gr

Store in a cool dry place; consume within a few days of opening.

Yellow Jam

Kiwiny Yellow Jam is a kiwi-based spread, enriched with sweet, flavoursome pears.

Packed with oligo elements, minerals, iron and potassium, present in both fruits, this product ensures our daily well-being while pleasing the palate with its genuine, light and flavoursome quality.

The traditional combination of pear and cheese is perfected by the soft spreadable consistency of Kiwiny Yellow Jam and the balanced sweet/tart flavour of kiwis. At breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner and for dessert, Kiwiny Yellow pairs harmoniously with yogurt, bread, pastries, and is delicious on its own.